Get Started with Bread Brit

So what are we mining here?

We are are only baking the finest garlicoin in this pool

Payout information

payouts run soon after a block is found with a minimum payout of 0.01 GRLC

Do you have any fees?

We have a low fee of 0.33%

What do I do?

Follow the guides here Windows Nvidia, Windows AMD, Linux


garlicoin Stats

Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate
GVZbhe2kntXVTwBfrGakbVkNwMHbEVVMWH 0 79 0% 0.00 KH
Pool Wallet: GNjRTXxWHwmcDRtiGEye514zkdZ1VsFBaz
Workers Per Pool
Hashrate Per Pool
Blocks Pending Per Pool